BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tools


Style:GloPRO Tool | Color:Tool

Product Description

GloPRO’s patented technology can be used as part of any nightly beauty routine. What’s included: 1 – GloPRO Micro needling Regeneration Tool and Face MicroTip. #GloTip: Tool can be used in the on or off mode. 2 – Adapter. (If your batteries run out or you just feel better being plugged into a wall). 3 – Sanitizing Spritzer (to spritz your tool after use) and 5 prep pads. #GloTip: Don’t forget that you will need to fill it with your own isopropyl alcohol. 4 – Directions for use. 5 – Batteries are loaded, no changing necessary. Just open your protective case, grab and GLO! MicroTip needles are .3 mm.

Brand Story

BeautyBio brings truth in beauty by empowering, enhancing and enriching lives. Each product is formulated to help visibly reduce the signs of aging, prevent damage & restore healthy, confident skin.

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